About Ravello Holdings

One of California's Leading Developers

We're proud to be one of California's leading developers and builders of quality single-unit and multi-unit housing. We have worked with more than 45 communities, municipalities and commissions to develop quality housing that exceeds community standards of design, safety, conservation and quality construction.

We attribute our success to the following driving principles:

  • Creating solid economic value in high-demand locations
  • Focusing on quality, style, timeless design and high-end amenities
  • Achieving the premium fit between space, location and human needs
  • Promoting sustainable design and ecological soundness
  • Building long-term relationships with communities and cities

With more than 25 years experience in delivering premium residential projects throughout Southern California, the principals of Ravello Holdings have succeeded in matching buyers' interests and needs with the ideal communities and living spaces featuring high-end materials and appliances.

We consistently serve a variety of markets and needs. Specifically, we have created: high-end condos and apartments; planned communities; luxury homes; beachfront and mountain retreats; urban revitalization; student housing; senior communities; mixed-use (residential, retail and office); and adaptive reuse. Our homes range from spacious contemporary lofts in urban areas to luxury estates in the mountains. And we rely on some of the world's top architects, designers and craftsmen to help us create them. We use top-quality building materials and construction to create attractive, flexible floor plans in communities that are in demand. Our goal is to find the perfect fit between individuals' needs and the ideal living spaces.

Sustainable Design

Ravello Holdings takes a commonsense approach to balancing energy-efficient construction with low-maintenance materials and overall cost-effective solutions. And we consistently meet or exceed communities' standards of sustainable design in development and construction.

While standards of environmental awareness and "green" construction vary from community to community, we continually focus on the key elements of sustainable design and construction. Sustainable design aims at meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The intent is to leave a "lighter footprint" on the environment by using resources more effectively while creating healthier and more energy-efficient homes. For example, this includes: installing fuel-efficient appliances; recycling/reclaiming water for landscaping; minimizing waste; optimizing green space and shade; conserving natural areas; and building with quality, durable materials.