Services Provided

Ravello has worked in collaboration with over 45 unique communities to deliver new housing from start to finish.

In developing new projects, we first examine the discrete needs of a community. Ravello brings with it success in project completion, full occupancy, and an investment aimed at enhancing community excellence. At its core a family business, Ravello embraces the individual character and spirit of the cities we inhabit. Tapping into what bonds and embracing specific values is at the core of our partnerships. Adapting the scale of projects helps us to not only fill an unmet need, but also honors the feel and culture of a particular neighborhood.

Vello Valley

From start to finish, Ravello brings the finest in residential development. Through its partners and its close affiliation with the construction industry, Ravello Holdings provides and has direct experience in the following:

  • Capital funding
  • Land acquisition, entitlement, site planning and analysis
  • Project construction financing
  • Construction services through our sister company Ravello West Construction, Inc.
  • Sales and marketing
  • Leasing and overseeing project management